Strong curriculum

A curriculum that empowers our children with knowledge and avoids taking sides in controversial scientific subjects which will have negative outcomes in our society and our country.

Children are at a development stage that makes information and teachings ingrained in their brains for likely the rest of their lives. With the lack of advanced critical thinking skills at this stage of human development the responsibility of teachers and parents are greater to what goes into their minds.

Adhering to verifiable and uncontroversial facts must be a supreme rule in our schools. The methods of verification could be disputed in themselves. Nevertheless, when scientific or logical disputes are present, teaching both sides of the argument objectively must be the only accepted practice.

The diversity of our society and country requires avoiding teaching subjects related to conflicted moral arguments. If a specific disputed subject cannot be avoided parents inputs and wishes must be considered first.

The public curriculum should have the goal of preparing the next generation for the scientific, mathematical, linguistic and historic needs of the future. Morality, ethics, and well-being are diverse following the diversity of the world views of the nation. Accordingly, conflict in these areas are inevitable and unneeded. Parents are responsible for the ethical and psychological upbringing of their children, not the government and public schools.

Focusing the available funds on science, math, language and undisputed historical facts will strengthen the curriculum, advance its goals and eliminate external distractions.