Karen Bonder

Crow-Appelgate P# 1

Educational Background

NAME OF SCHOOL OR PROGRAM Lane Co. Master Gardening & Food Preservation ProgramEDUCATIONAL STUDY – MAJOR/MINORGardening/Food Safety & PreservationDIPLOMA/DEGREE/CERTIFICATECertificate
PRIOR GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCEU.S. Navy Reserves, Pt, Mugu, CA 1984-1988
Lane Co. Vegetation Management Advisory Committee 1999-2007 (received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Lane Co. Commissioners)
Lane Co. Roads Advisory Committee 2007-2009
Lane Co. Master Gardener Vice President 1998, President 1999-2001, Alternate State Representative 2002
StatementEducation is a vital foundation for a person’s journey in life. Critical thinking and open discourse is important even at a young age. I have participated in many committees and feel I could make an important contribution to the C-A-L school community. I love the idea of students being exposed to different vocations and trades via local businesses.
Interests and hobbies: I have spent over 30 years studying the Sciences, specifically in the areas of evolution vs creation science, biology, environmentalism, astronomy, climate change and the history and high technology of ancient civilizations. I enjoy playing with “hot glass”: fusion and torch work.