Leena Earnest

Leena Earnest is a devoted mother, wife, and community member in the Bethel District, with three
generations of family having attended Bethel Schools. Ms. Earnest has developed skills including
collaborative problem solving, sound decision making, and focused determination along with budgeting,
fiscal responsibility, and regulatory knowledge from over 20 years in the accounting and finance industry
with the majority of those years spent in leadership positions

Ms. Earnest intends to bring new energy to the board with forward thinking and future driven collaborative problem solving while abstaining from polarizing bias, politics, and special interest agendas that have the potential to harm student education needs and outcomes. Ms. Earnest brings focus to goals of strengthening district curriculum and increasing student proficiency and comprehension.

Ms. Earnest would also advocate for a board environment that encourages and motivates parental, student, and educator input for consideration of the board in the current and future needs of the district.

Ms. Earnest’s campaign will focus on foundational priorities of quality education, school safety, and fiscal responsibility. “As a mother of a school aged child I am concerned about the quality of education and curriculum our students are receiving; our students have a desire to be challenged and to succeed. Many in the Bethel community have voiced concerns over issues of disruptions and safety in the classrooms; I intend to encourage
solutions to facilitate and build a safe learning environment for all students and faculty.

I am committed to ensuring that the district is built and supported by a fiscally responsible budget that reflects districtwide educational needs and goals. I will work to create a collaborative environment in which students, parents, educators, and community members are heard and their voices are reflected in my
efforts on the board. We must collaborate across the district to build educational environments that invest in the future by supporting the needs of all of our students and educators.

Every student in the district should have the opportunity to develop the skills and education necessary to not only graduate but to become successful in their chosen pursuits whether that is locally, nationally, or internationally”.

Ms. Earnest reached her decision to file for Bethel School Board Position 3 after listening to the concerns of various community members, that have grown over the last few years, including student comprehension and proficiency scores, enrollment and graduation rates, availability of advanced classes, supports of IEP’s and 504’s, and behavioral and mental health supports to ensure a safe learning environment for all students. “I plan to listen to all community members and work in manner in which their voices will be reflected in my work on the board; this method will include all members of the community that best serves the community as a whole. My experiences have provided me the skills to collaborate and bring about the necessary supports and change for the success of our students”.