Timothy Sutherland

I’m Timothy “Sean” Sutherland, your candidate for Zone 7 of the 4J School Board.

My purpose for running is to make academic success the sole focus of the Board and our schools. Students need to be tested to find out their true grade aptitude and then resources put in place to help them catch up.  Our kids basically lost 2 years of well-structured education during the pandemic and it will take teachers and parents working together to bring them back to acceptable levels.  It will be an “ALL HANDS ON DECK” effort to address the kid’s lack of learning, focus on mental and physical health issues and direct appropriate social interaction.

About Sean:

I have worked full time as a Sales Director in the Senior Insurance market for the last 9 years. 

I moved to Eugene full time 12 years ago from Houston, Texas to be close to my son. “Bobby” is 13 years old and was a 4J student until this year. The lack of safety and resources for my son with an IEP made us feel the need to move our child out of 4J, something many parents are deciding to do.

We love this community and Oregon and want to make it a better and safer place where our kids are supported and thrive. NOT ONE PERSON CAN THINK THE KIDS IN OUR COMMUNITY ARE THRIVING! 

Politics needs to be removed from the schools and replaced with safety measures and core curriculums.

Let’s show the establishment we are fed up and not going to take mistreating our children anymore!

Campaign Website: https://sites.google.com/view/sutherlandfororegon/about?authuser=0

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