Tina Murphy

 I was raised, along with my three brothers, by my father and mother, in a suburban home. I graduated from the 12th grade from public school, without ever hearing from any teacher, which party, candidate, or issue was good or bad. This led me to the ability to make up my own mind about these things.

I have raised four of my own children, (with a few others sprinkled in at different times), and have tried to help them become independent thinkers.

I have worked many jobs throughout my life, from working in the pear orchards of Hood River Valley, to being the assistant to the executive, vice president of a blockbuster video franchise, from working the line at a food processing plant, to serving customers at a grocery deli, From driving van for head start to tutoring, special needs, and learning disability kids.

Having been exposed to such a varied array of people, I have come to realize that we all want the same things for our children. We want them to have an excellent, unbiased education that will help build a foundation for each of them to become responsible citizens of our nation. That we all believe we should have a say in this education, which would include the ability to access what our children are learning in all subjects, and to be able to opt them out of any part, we don’t believe should be taught to our children.